Direct Slaughter Cattle - Mexico, Missouri
USDA - Fri Jun 08, 9:37AM CDT
Jefferson City, MO    Fri June 08, 2018  MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News

Missouri Weekly Direct Slaughter Cattle (week end 06-08-2018)

Confirmed Sales:

  Week to date:  480      Last week:  440     Last Year: 160
( These prices acquired from Missouri producers )

     Trading from late last Friday through Friday morning remains 
inactive this week as producers are passing bids at this time, with all 
sales from late last Friday.  Packers are playing it cool again this week 
and don�t seem to be too nervous about their inventory.  Coming into this 
week, the packers appeared to have plenty of cattle bought to keep the 
producers on the defensive, but it�s beginning to look like the packer 
doesn�t have enough inventories to make cash lower this week.  Slaughter 
levels remain running high with well over 650,000 expected again this 
week with the thought of how long will kills stay this large.  Demand 
continues to be very good and out performing expectations which will need 
to continue.  Packers have kept boxed-beef moving right along with sold 
ahead positions and this has help to keep any backlog from developing.  
Beef cow slaughter is also worth noting as it remains large and without a 
significant change in the weather pattern it looks like beef cow 
slaughter will remain above normal.  Boxed-beef continues to outperform 
with the large beef production as Choice cut-out holds above 226.00 on 
Thursday�s close.  This is a good indicator for beef demand as we enter 
June and hotter weather on the way.  Choice boxed-beef closed Thursday 
.56 cents lower at 226.41 and Select .24 cents lower at 203.41 compared 
to last week with Choice at 227.53 and Select 204.80.  The hide and offal 
value from a typical slaughter steer was estimated at 9.49 per cwt live, 
up .05 cents when compared to Wednesday�s value.          

Live Sales: 
Slaughter steers and heifers: (over 80 percent Choice)      

(Note: Weighing conditions some plant delivered weights and some net
 weights FOB feedlot after a 4 percent shrink.

Dressed Carcass Sales: (Paid on Hot Carcass Weights) Delivered or
 Picked up (Weight only)      
   Steers and Heifers: (80 percent Choice) late last Friday 4 loads Flat 
177.00, 2 loads Flat 178.00.

(Grid) Grade and Weight Carcass: (over 80 percent Choice) late last 
Friday 2 loads 180.00, 4 loads 182.00.

Source:  MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Mexico, MO
         Greg Harrison, Market Reporter 573-751-5618
         24 hour recorded report 573-522-9244